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About Us

Hind Society

Hind Society is one of the best non-profitable NGOs at Husinpur, Uttar Pradesh. Registration act 1860, under Section 21 as Non-Government Organisation to cater for the social welfare needs of the poor rural and urban society as a supplement to the efforts of governmental agencies. The Society was established to uplift the rural mass to bring them up to the standard level of living. All the members of the society joined with us with their hearts. The achievements of the society during the period of consideration were in form of successful implementation and handling are running. Hind Society’s goal is to help and support socially backward children and people. It is one of the best and top organizations cum society. Its headquarter is situated at Husainpur, Uttarpradesh. Our organization is always there for the pauper and backward helpless of the society as well as for all the children and orphans. Hind Society is working on some 

development issues of children, Health, education, sports nutrition, environment, protection, and promotion of the right of different vulnerable segments of our society. We firmly believe that one day we will be able to give all the helpless one and a half new healthy life. We are working towards this goal and we will continue to do so in the future with the cooperation of all.

Our Mission

Hind Society is on a mission to alleviate misery from the lives of the poor and helpless. There are many people and children who are suffering from proper education, food, health we don think about them. Now the time has come to be kind. We are working for their better tomorrow to give them a healthy and sweet life. We want your support in taking their responsibility so that we can remain steadfast in our mission.

Our Vision

Manishi Swami Vivekananda said- “Jeeva Sebai Shiva Seva.” 

Every life is precious to us and they have the right to live a beautiful life. We all know that according to the population, illiteracy and unemployment are high in our country. Many children don’t have parents, people do not have proper shelter food, education, health, many other things. That is to say, they do not have the right to live a healthy and good life?

Of course, they have. We Hind Society has taken the responsibility to serve those helpless.

Our Objective

We dream of a better tomorrow with free and fair access to poverty, hunger, disease-free and quality education, healthcare, and social security. A society where we reaffirm our commitment to human rights, children’s rights, where food is adequate, safe, affordable, and nutritious. In a society where even the helpless will one day raise their heads and live shoulder to shoulder with us with dignity.